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 Booking an e-ticket, step by step

How to book e-tickets via ticketindonesia.info? On this page, you will find a short explanation.

First of all we, suggest you read Tips about booking e-tickets before you book. This will give you some guidance when you are booking you tickets on our website.

1. Select information about the flight

Select whether you would like to book a single or return trip. In case of a return trip, it is possible to select flights from two different airlines; one for the departing flight, and one for the return flight. Select the point of departure and the destination, and fill in the date(s). You should also select the number of passengers, including children.

2. Select the flights

The website will now display the available flights. You can select your flight(s) here. Please note that most flights do have several classes available.

3. Fill in passenger details

Fill in passenger as firstname, lastname, and passport number for all traveling passengers. For domestic flights in Indonesia, Indonesians can also use the number on their identity card. If a passenger only has one name, please enter that name as firstname as well as lastname.

4. Submit the information

The information is now ready to be submitted. After you have done so, we will display our unique booking code to be used with ticketindonesia.info. Use this code to log in to our website to check your booking, and also to make the payment and download your e-tickets.

5. Wait for confirmation

As soon as we have received your information we will send you an email. In the meantime, we will start looking for a matching e-ticket. As soon as they are ready in our system, we will send you another email.

6. Pay your e-ticket(s)

You can now make your payment. Only after you have paid we will issue your e-tickets and make them available for you on the website.

7. Download and print your e-ticket(s)

After your payment has been processed in our system, our team will prepare your e-tickets. We will send you an email to inform you, so you will know when they are ready. You will be able to login to our website to download or print your e-tickets.

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