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 How do you book an e-ticket?

In Indonesia, e-tickets are still not processed by a central booking computer with flights, its prices and seat availability of the many airlines in the country. It is still common to search for available tickets and the best prices with each individual airline, and then book with that particular carrier.

For most people, these steps are not easy, and that is even apart from the fact that those tickets will have to be paid as well. We can help you out. Let us arrange your tickets and payments for you, so all you have to do is enter your desired flight and personal details before you make a payment to us.

After this, we will see to it that you can download your e-ticket as soon as possible on our website. In this way, you do not loose time searching, booking and paying e-tickets directly at the airlines, whereas you still get what you wanted: An e-ticket for a flight with an Indonesian airline.

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