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 Introduction to Trigana Air

Trigana Air is an airline which operated their first flights in 1991, which means they have significant experience. A part of the flights currently operated belong to the so-called perintis routes, which are partially subsidized by the Indonesian government to open up remote areas in the country.

Main activity of Trigana Air is between the islands of Java and Kalimantan and in the easternmost Papua region, while the main hub is supposed to be Soekarno Hatta airport in Jakarta. The airline has 15 planes in use, among them Boeing, ATR 42 and De Havilland.

Did you know ... ?
· Trigana Air allows 15 kilograms of free checked luggage on Boeing-operated flights.
· Trigana Air allows 10 kilograms of free checked luggage on ATR-operated flights.
· Trigana Air
· Check-in closes 15 minutes before departure.
· You are strongly advised to not check-in at the latest moment.
· Simply pay your Trigana Air ticket by credit card!

 Luggage and check-in information Trigana Air

Trigana Air allows luggage up to 20 kilograms to be brought on their Boeing operated routes, between the islands of Java and Kalimantan. Smaller planes only allow for 10 kilograms of free luggage to be brought. Some of the cheapest promo class tickets will only allow for 15 kilograms.

You may bring one (1) piece of hand luggage with you with a maximum weight of 7 kilograms and of regular size. Any larger luggage may be subject to baggage fees to be paid upon check-in at the airport.

 Recently found ticket prices for Trigana Air
Pangkalan Bun Semarang with Trigana Air
April 17, 2020
from €59 
Pangkalan Bun Jakarta with Trigana Air
May 16, 2020
from €81 
Semarang Pangkalan Bun with Trigana Air
March 02, 2020
from €53 
Jakarta Pangkalan Bun with Trigana Air
July 03, 2020
from €83 
Pangkalan Bun Surabaya with Trigana Air
April 26, 2020
from €74 
Jayapura Wamena with Trigana Air
March 12, 2020
from €41 
Surabaya Pangkalan Bun with Trigana Air
April 25, 2020
from €70 
Wamena Jayapura with Trigana Air
February 18, 2020
from €40 

 Destinations flown from and to by Trigana Air

Balikpapan (BPN) · Banjarmasin (BDJ) · Berau (BEJ) · Dekai (DKI) · Dekai (DKI) · Jakarta (CGK) · Jayapura (DJJ) · Ketapang (KTG) · Manokwari (MKW) · Melangguane (MNA) · Nabire (NBX) · Oksibil (OKL) · Pangkalan Bun (PKN) · Pontianak (PNK) · Semarang (SRG) · Solo (SOC) · Surabaya (SUB) · Timika (TIM) · Wamena (WMX)

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Jl. K.H. Samanhudi 38A
Pasar Baru
Jakarta Pusat


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+62 21 3483 3942




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